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Hat Restoration
Cleaning / Blocking

Remember, 100 years of experience goes into each and every hat renovated by Paris Hatters. Each hat is hand washed in a special solution and dried. Our master hatters then steam and shape your hat to perfection.

How To Send Us A Hat

Any sturdy box will be suitable. Insert your name, address, and daytime phone number. We will call you after receiving your hat to confirm your payment.

Note: All replaced hatbands, sweatbands or liners are discarded unless otherwise specified.

Please allow a minimum of 3 weeks turnaround time.

Send All Orders To:


119 Broadway

San Antonio, TX 78205

Full Job:
$89.00 + shipping and tax (if applicable)


  • Clean and restore to correct shape
  • Replace outside band (if needed)
  • Replace inside leather sweatband (if needed)
  • Replace inside liner (if needed)

*Special situations may require extra work and expense; therefore you must include a phone number where you can be contacted to answer any questions regarding your hat.

Services not available through mail order:

  • Simple brim and crown shaping
  • New sweatband only
  • New lining only
  • Straw hats cannot be serviced


Please refer to our Hat Creases page for names and style ideas for possible hat shapes.




Shipping Fees

Standard method within the U.S.:

U.S. Mail – $25-$60 depending on weight and dimension of the box

Usually 5-10 days delivery

Please call for special delivery requests.

Paris Hatters

119 Broadway

San Antonio, TX 78205

Phone : 210-223-3453

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