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Hat Restoration
Cleaning / Blocking

Remember, 100 years of experience goes into each and every hat renovated by Paris Hatters. Each hat is hand washed in a special solution and dried. Our master hatters then steam and shape your hat to perfection.

How To Send Us A Hat

Any sturdy cardboard box will be suitable. Please, no hat cans or hat cases, as this will add to the freight cost when we send it back to you. Insert your name, address, and daytime phone number. We will call you after receiving your hat to confirm your payment.

Note: All replaced hatbands, sweatbands or liners are discarded unless otherwise specified. Also, we do not do any shape work or a la carte service work via mail. Only full service work jobs are accepted (clean and block, sweatband, lining).

Please allow a minimum of 3 weeks turnaround time.

Send All Orders To:


119 Broadway

San Antonio, TX 78205

Full Job:
$89.00 + shipping and tax (if applicable)


  • Clean and restore to correct shape
  • Replace outside band (if needed)
  • Replace inside leather sweatband (if needed)
  • Replace inside liner (if needed)

*Special situations may require extra work and expense; therefore you must include a phone number where you can be contacted to answer any questions regarding your hat.

Services not available through mail order:

  • Simple brim and crown shaping
  • New sweatband only
  • New lining only
  • Straw hats cannot be serviced


Please refer to our Hat Creases page for names and style ideas for possible hat shapes.




Shipping Fees

Standard method within the U.S.:

U.S. Mail – $25-$60 depending on weight and dimension of the box

Usually 5-10 days delivery

Please call for special delivery requests.

Paris Hatters

119 Broadway

San Antonio, TX 78205

Phone : 210-223-3453

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